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Sell your book

Want to sell your book as well?

In addition to printing your book, 24bookprint lets you put your book up for sale online. This is by no means compulsory, but we think it’s important for you to have the option. We can offer you high margins, and we’ll pay you your royalties on a monthly basis. So if you’d like to print your book and make some money off it at the same time, look no further!

Author webshop

We provide you with a free author webshop that you can use to sell your book. You can activate this feature with a few clicks. Your webshop consists of a webpage where your books will be prominently displayed with buy buttons, and you can also add some information about yourself or your organisation, contact details, and social media profiles. Your webshop will be accessible via search engines, so people all over the world have access to it and your book(s).

Once you’ve sold books, we’ll update the sales overview in your account. You’ll be able to monitor how many books you’ll sold and how much money you’ve earned, as well as when you’ll receive your royalties. In addition, you can download this information for your own administrative purposes. Due to the fact that there’s no middleman (i.e. a bookstore or other retailer), your margins per sold copy will be very high.

The 24bookprint webshop

In addition to the author webshop, your book will also be made available in our site-wide webshop, along with all the other books put up for sale on 24bookprint. Visitors to this webshop will be able to find your book either by browsing the various categories or by directly searching for the title, author, or ISBN. Once a client has purchased your book, we’ll print and ship it to them within a few days. Your sales overview will then be updated accordingly. The margins you earn on sales via the 24bookprint shop are just as high as those you earn via your own personalised author webshop.

Sell your book through your own website

If you don’t want to make use of the author webshop functionality, that is of course not a problem. Perhaps you already have your own author website and want to funnel as many of your readers there as possible. We can still assist you in selling your book, however, by offering you custom-made sales widgets and buy buttons that you can easily place on your website. When clicking the widget or buy button, visitors to your website will automatically be sent to your book’s product page, or directly to checkout with your book in their cart – you can choose which option you prefer. Naturally, your sales overview will be updated as usual.

Sell your book via Amazon, Kobo, and other third-party bookshops

You won’t be able to sell your book via third-party retailers when using 24bookprint. This is intentional, as our primary focus is printing books, not selling them. As such, we’ve elected to keep our sales options limited to the author webshop and the 24bookprint store. Don’t worry though; if you want to maximise your sales by making your book available at all the major online bookstores, you can head on over to our sister website, Mybestseller. There you will have access to a wider variety of sales and distribution options. Mybestseller works the same way as 24bookprint, but is more focused on publishing (though you’ll also be able to print your books there).

Sell your book internationally

At 24bookprint, you can also sell your book internationally. This can come in handy if your target audience is spread out across more than one country. In addition to the UK, we also have printing facilities in France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands. You can toggle international sales on with a single click, allowing users visiting our site from those countries to buy your book as well. Once someone buys your book, it will be printed and shipped locally. This makes a massive difference in shipping times and costs, making it a win-win for both you and your customers!

If you’re looking to sell your book internationally via third parties like Amazon, then you should check out our sister website, Mybestseller.