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Print Your Thesis

We can help you print a professional thesis

Print your thesis

Bachelorarbeit drucken

Printing your thesis is simple, and most people tend to do this at home or at their university library. If you’re looking to make an impression however, you might want to print your thesis as a book. This is of course standard for PhD theses, but we’re here to offer you a method of printing any type of thesis in book form without breaking the bank.

Not only does a proper book look better and more professional than a ring binder, but we’re able to print it cheaper than most libraries, copy shops, or even home printers could!

Our platform provides clear step-by-step instructions and automates most of the technical bits to make it as easy as possible for you to print your thesis. We also let you select from various different materials, sizes, and finishing details, allowing you to create a tailor-made thesis in no time.

Lastly, we don’t require a minimum order quantity. It doesn’t matter whether you want a single copy or one hundred; we’ll print your order and ship it to you.

What does it cost? Well, that depends on the number of pages and the various formatting options you select. Click the button below to use our price calculator to find and compare prices.

Printing Your Thesis: The Process

Format and print your thesis in a few easy steps

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Basic settings

Select your book size, format, and paper type. These things are most likely determined by university guidelines, so check if there are specific requirements for your thesis. You can skip the ISBN step, unless of course you want to put your thesis up for sale.

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Upload files

Upload your thesis as a Word or PDF file. We have pre-formatted Word templates you can download, though you might want to check if they are compatible with the formatting guidelines provided by your university.

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Prices and samples

Printing costs vary depending on a variety of factors, e.g. the number of pages, the paper, and whether you’re printing in colour. We strongly recommend ordering a proof copy before settling on the final version of your thesis.

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Print your thesis

Once you’re happy with your thesis, just go ahead and order as many copies as you need. You can stick to a single copy if you like, but we also offer some attractive bulk discounts if you need more copies. You can also choose to put your work up for sale if you wish.