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Print your books on demand; starting from a single copy

Looking for an affordable way to print books? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a pervasive idea that making and printing books is an arduous, expensive thing to do. That might have been the case a few decades ago, when offset printing was the only viable option. These days however, you can print your books on demand, meaning you don’t need to print in bulk; you can simply place orders for as many books as you need. This not only saves you money and storage space, but drastically minimizes paper waste.

So, if you’re looking for a cost-efficient way to print high-quality books, whether for private use or for your business, we’ve got a solution for you. With our online book printing platform, you can easily create a book, customise it to your liking, and order precisely the number of copies you want. We’ll then print them and have them delivered to you. Easy as pie.

Create Your Manuscript

Read all about how to make a good manuscript for your book. Learn how to set up margins, what to keep in mind when converting to PDF, and what a colophon page is.

Cover Specifications

Use our cover calculator to find out the exact measurements for your book based on your selected specifications. If you’re not sure how to implement these measurements in your design, just use our built-in cover designer.

Manuscript Templates

Once you’ve selected a format for your book, you can use one of our Word templates to make formatting a bit easier. Our templates have been set up to have the right dimensions, page numbers, margins and chapter headings.

Book Specifications

What do I need to keep in mind when making a print-ready book?

It’s all pretty straightforward. Your book consists of a manuscript and a cover. For your manuscript, you’ll need a text document; we support both Word files and PDFs, though the latter is preferable. In terms of formatting, you need to apply the dimensions of your desired book type, add 3 mm of bleed to the edges, and you’re good to go! You don’t need to add any crop marks – we’ll take care of that for you. We’ve put together a detailed guide for how to create a manuscript in Word from scratch, in case you don’t want to use our templates.

As far as your cover is concerned, there are two options. You can either design your cover using a program of your choice, using the cover dimensions generated by our platform, or you can make your cover directly in our integrated cover designer. The latter option will always have the right dimensions, so you don’t have to worry about any measurements.

We’ll help you create your ideal book

Print Books Quickly, Efficiently, and Cheaply

print book

As mentioned previously, book printing no longer comes with a massive up-front investment, thanks to print on demand. At this point, you’re probably wondering what it actually costs though, and the answer is that it depends! The size, paper type, cover, and colour options all have an impact on the cost of printing your book. That’s why we’ve created a handy pricing calculator where you can fill in your desired book specifications to find out what it’s going to cost to print.

You’ll notice that you have three options when it comes to paper types. In case you’re not sure which one is right for your book, we’ve outlined the paper types and their properties below:

  • Cream paper (90 grams):
    Recommended for novels
    Minimum page number:  57 for paperbacks / 76 for hardcovers
  • White paper (80 grams):
    Recommended for e.g. non-fiction books and white papers
    Minimum page number:  57 for paperbacks / 79 for hardcovers
  • Semi-gloss white paper (115 grams):
    Recommended for photo books
    Minimum page number:  47 for paperbacks / 98 for hardcovers

Since we don’t have a minimum order quantity at 24Bookprint, it’s possible to order a single copy of your book. In fact, this is something we recommend that you do before you place any larger orders. Ordering a proof copy lets you evaluate the final draft of your book and determine whether you’re 100% happy with it. There’s a high chance that you’ll find a few elusive spelling errors, or that colours on your screen look different than they do in real life. Once you’re satisfied with your proof copy, you can order as many books as you like. We even have some attractive bulk discounts that kick in starting at 3 copies.

If you’re looking to print more than 300 copies, we recommend contacting us about an offset order. This will allow us to print your book even cheaper, albeit with slightly longer lead times.

Ik heb net m'n bestelling ontvangen, en ik ben echt onder de indruk! Een boek drukken kun je dus helemaal zelf.

Linda de Vries, Studente Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Cheap and risk-free

The advantages of print on demand

Print on demand essentially means exactly what it says: each and every book can be printed on demand, i.e., when you want it, we print it. Thanks to the latest digital print technology, this can be done without compromising on book quality. Whether you’re printing a novel or a high resolution photo book, we’ll print as many as you like, whenever you want. The major advantages of print on demand are:

  1. As mentioned previously, by ordering the number of books you need, paper wastage is minimised.
  2. Because you’re in control of the number of books printed, you’re also not running any financial risk.
  3. You no longer need to store books, saving space and allowing for flexibility.
  4. You can edit your book continuously, so it’ll will always be up to date

Pricing Examples

Paperback A5 – 57 pages | Price per copy: 1 copy | 50 copies £ 6.03 | £ 4.25
Paperback A5 – 114 pages | Price per copy: 1 copy | 50 copies £ 6.59 | £ 4.80
Paperback A4- 57 pages | Price per copy: 1 copy | 50 copies £ 6.16 | £ 4.37
Paperback Square – 200 pages | Price per copy: 1 copy | 50 copies £ 7.42 | £ 5.62

These the prices excluding VAT and shipping costs. When placing an order of more than 3 copies bulk discounts will apply. Check our pricing calculator for more information.