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How to Make a Book


How to make a book

Bookmaking used to be an artform and a skill that was highly sought after. These days making books is mostly a question of technology, resulting in both increased efficiency and decreased costs. This means that practically anyone can easily make and print their own book these days.

Our platform makes it even easier by streamlining the book creation process and letting you build your own book from scratch. With a few clicks, you can set up your ideal book, modifying everything from the size to the cover finish. There are only two things that are going to require some effort on your part: the contents of the book, and the cover design.

Let’s break down the book-creation process works on 24Bookprint, to help you make the most of the platform.

Your book consists of two main components

Your book will be made up of two main parts

  1. The interior, a.k.a. the manuscript or the book block
  2. The exterior, a.k.a. the cover

The creation of these two components is covered in our platform. While we cannot provide the content, we can help you by providing manuscript and cover design templates, which you can access directly in the book-creation process. You can also create both your cover and your manuscript from scratch. If you choose to do so, keep in mind that you’ll need to upload your manuscript as a Word document or PDF. Additionally, you should check what dimensions your cover needs to adhere to by using our cover calculator.

The manuscript

The most important part of your book. There are several choices to be made with regards to the manuscript:

  1. Cover type: Is your book going to be a paperback or a hardcover? This will determine the available book formats and layouts.
  2. Format: Once you’ve decided on the cover type, you can choose from a variety of formats, ranging from A5 to landscape formats. You can then download a manuscript template for your chosen book format.
  3. Colour: Lastly, would you like your manuscript printed in colour or black and white? Black and white is cheaper, and if you have no diagrams or pictures, it’s the obvious choice.
  4. Paper Type: What kind of paper would you like for your book? We offer three options here. White paper is well-suited to non-fiction and books with few colour pages, whereas semi-gloss white paper is better for books with a lot of colour photos. Cream paper is best suited for novels and other fiction books.

The cover

A good cover immediately communicates what your book is about in an engaging way. That’s why it’s imperative that you create or commission a professional-looking cover for your book. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. A good design. As mentioned, you can either do this yourself, using our built-in cover designer or another program of your choice, or you can hire a designer.
  2. Whether you design your own cover or have someone do it for you, you need to keep the cover dimensions in mind. These dimensions will vary depending on the chosen format, cover type, and paper type. We have a tool you can use to calculate your cover dimensions. If you make use of our cover designer, you won’t have to worry about cover dimensions; they will be calculated and applied automatically.

Cheap and risk-free

The advantages of print on demand

Print on demand essentially means exactly what it says: each and every book can be printed on demand, i.e., when you want it, we print it. Thanks to the latest digital print technology, this can be done without compromising on book quality. Whether you’re printing a novel or a high resolution photo book, we’ll print as many as you like, whenever you want. The major advantages of print on demand are:

  1. As mentioned previously, by ordering the number of books you need, paper wastage is minimised.
  2. Because you’re in control of the number of books printed, you’re also not running any financial risk.
  3. You no longer need to store books, saving space and allowing for flexibility.
  4. You can edit your book continuously, so it’ll will always be up to date

Pricing Examples

Paperback A5 – 57 pages | Price per copy: 1 copy | 50 copies £ 6.03 | £ 4.25
Paperback A5 – 114 pages | Price per copy: 1 copy | 50 copies £ 6.59 | £ 4.80
Paperback A4- 57 pages | Price per copy: 1 copy | 50 copies £ 6.16 | £ 4.37
Paperback Square – 200 pages | Price per copy: 1 copy | 50 copies £ 7.42 | £ 5.62

These the prices excluding VAT and shipping costs. When placing an order of more than 3 copies bulk discounts will apply. Check our pricing calculator for more information.